just whistle while you work

(don't worry. these pictures were taken MID-dejunking)

{goal of the week}

Sunday I was so busy being in pain with my leetle kidney stone that I didn't bother posting my goal for the week.
Yes, I am feeling better
grassy-ass (that's my inappropriate version of gracias) for all of your well wishes!

So this weeks goal is to get my apartment de-junked and organized
(starting with our bedroom)

I can't possibly concentrate or get inspired to do anything artistic while my apartment is such a sty
How did it get like this?
I am a neat freak. I like things clean and organized to the point that it's almost unhealthy
but in spite of this, I still find myself gathering clutter and having to start all over again at least 3-4 times a year
I've purchased an organize by week book. 
Do you have troubles keeping your cozy house clean? What are your secrets?

here I am blogging about my mess which does nothing to actually help the situation. ta ta!

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