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Edward Hopper is one of my favorite artists. I've never been good at describing why I'm drawn to certain things, so it's hard for me to explain why I love certain artists. 
"Night Hawks" was the first Edward Hopper painting I'd ever seen, or at least noticed. It drew my eye straight to the woman in red. Why? There is something so classic and feminine about the style back then that I just love. I love the hats the men wore. People really took the time to look classy and modest back then, and I wish it were the same way now.
Another thing is the lighting he uses. I just...well, I like it :) (see? I stink)
I was going through some old papers and found a poem I wrote in my senior creative writing class. We were asked to pick a favorite piece of art and write about it. I was really excited because, well, I love art (duh). Like I said, I don't think I have a talent with words, but I thought this was a pretty cool poem I ended up with about this particular painting:

Lonely Streets

Green light engulfed the small bar

Yellow walls and red lips

Stood out among the lonely streets

Liquid cascaded and silver machines hummed

A man sat across the counter

His back turned towards the silent city

Waiting for a brighter day

His heart filled with pity

 Eyes on the fiery red head

Across the room

And another one I wrote when I became obsessed with the ocean and orca whales (still am) and decided to write a poem about what the sea looked like through my eyes.

The black mystic fog
Envelops the slithering bodies
Flying through a liquid outer space
Under granite boulders
Lie sleeping bellies
And cautious tails slyly glide above
Eyes protrude from grainy sand
They blink, and then blink once more
Sand slides off as the flat body soars from its hideout
To seek the world above

*good times*

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