first home as newlyweds

when tom and i were first married (it'll be six years in july. can you believe it?!) we lived in provo while tom finished his undergrad at BYU.
we found the cutest little aparment, an old house that had been converted into five small apartments. they preserved the old charm, like the high ceilings and doors, and our entire apartment was painted a pretty shade of blue. we loved that place, even though there was no air conditioner (!!! thank goodness for window ac units, right?) and the heater clanked and rattled and hardly worked.
 the back of the house had a tiny room with a w/d unit which everyone shared. I got locked in their once and had to climb out the teeny tiny window at the very top of the wall
. Oh, and we had some little neighbor girls that loved to hang out in our apartment, and then one of them developed an unhealthy crush on Tom and I had to have a word with her. We had some adventures there, for sure.
i thought it would be fun to share pictures of our very first home together.

our bathroom didn't have a door so we had to get creative and hang a curtain, and there was a HUGE window right inside the shower. We had to buy a shade for it or else everyone would've seen our nakedness. yikes!
our bedroom

family room

kitchen (look at our cute micky mouse ears!)

and our best birdy, Sierra! My cousin Heidi gave her to us and we loved her to death. She talked a lot and loved to take showers with us. Once she flew towards me as I was getting ready for work. I was in a hurry and I didn't want her to land on me, so I ducked down really fast and smacked my face on a chair. My tooth went right through my lower lip and I had to skip work and pay $275 for THREE little stitches.
We ended up giving her to an aviary primarily for mating birds (go Sierra!) because she would get so lonely while we were gone all day, that she would pluck herself bald!

and there it is, folks. Our first place together!

9 years later Justin Hackworth photographed my mom and I in front of it for 30 Strangers:

And then 10 years later, I took our kids there:

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