diet? what diet?

I'm always up for anything having to do with nutrition/exercise/losing weight. What women isn't? 
My sis introduced me to a special man named Jorge Cruise a few years back. As someone who is always trying new diets and going with what's hot, this is one I always come back to and should probably just stick to. 

Why? Oh, because it's realistic. It's real food. That you can eat. And not G A G on. And it's simple. Something you can follow and turn into a LIFESTYLE, not just suffer through for a few weeks, drop weight, and then give up because you're only allowed to eat sugar- free, fat-free, organic cookies that taste like something only a horse would enjoy. 

I love food. I can't survive without meat. I tried it. And guess what? Nothing significant happened. I didn't notice any changes in my skin, energy levels, weight, nothing. In fact, I'm pretty sure I gained a few pounds. So back to meat I went. Oh, and dairy. I love me some ice cold milk and pina colada yogurt. nummy.

So here I am, once again vowing to change my eating habits, because I want to be healthy, energetic, and take care of the only body I've been blessed with. So I took out my Jorge Cruise 3 Hour Diet cookbook (honestly, such amazing food! Tom LOOOOVES everything I've made) and I've started my journey to healthy eating once again. And this time, I don't feel limited. I don't have to buy organic. I don't have to cut out cheese, or ice cream, or any of that good stuff. I can still have my cake and eat it too. 

cheers to good health and chocolate chip cookies
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