Question #5

Alicia's asked: "Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?"

My answer: Why yes, dear cousin of mine, I can. As an honorary member of the Sesame Street gang, I frequent the street of sesame quite oft. Heck, I spent an entire summer as a camp counselor where my nick name was Elmo. That get's me an automatic spot in the Sesame friendship circle. 

i'm a regular in Elmo's World. Once we did cartwheels around and around and around until we fell over from pure dizziness! HA HA HA HAAA HA HA HA HAAAH AHAAA!!!!! ha ha...oh man...good times, good times.
the infamous sign
taking my family on a tour of sesame street

Sesame Street teaches us about important bodily functions

So here is how you get to Sesame Street:

#1 First, you must be in a park with lots of trees, and you have to be decked out in 70's fashion. You have to sing the original sesame street song "sunny days" while running around hiding behind trees. Do this three times

#2 A garbage can will appear, and you must knock on the lid 7 1/2 times and say "Junk and grime is not a crime" and Oscar the grouch will come out. He will ask you an important question. It is different with everyone, so make sure you study on various subjects, such as "why do we belch?" and "is the hokey pokey what it's REALLY all about?". If you get the question right, he will give you a magical key.

#3 Follow Oscars instructions to find the door. It changes places. It's never been in the same spot EVER in the history of the Universe. You may have to hike to China. Once you find the door, use the magical key to open it and BAM! There you are on Sesame Street!

good luck!

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