My mom got her bone scan results on Wednesday. The results were not a death sentence, but they weren't the best, either.
The cancer has spread in her hip bone, making the bones very weak. The doctor is afraid of her breaking her hip, so she will do radiation treatments for two weeks, and then begin taking a chemo pill, four in the morning, and four at night. She will do this for two weeks, then take a week off, then two more weeks, and keep doing this until they lose their effectiveness. Her doctor has said that he has seen patients go two years with these pills working for them, so there is hope there.
My mom, as always has an amazing attitude. As we were talking on the phone about this news, she was expressing her faith in our Heavenly Father, that she has faith that whatever He has in store for her is what is best, whatever that may be. I can't remember all that she said, but all I could say to her was, "I'm proud of you mommy". I wanted to say so much more, but I've always had a rough time expressing myself in words. So mom, if you're reading this, you are my hero. Words cannot express how much I love you and look up to you. You are the most amazing mother a girl could have, and I hope to become half the women you are one day. I love you, and I'm so grateful for the time we have together, however long it may be!
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