Oh my, where to begin? Life is stressful right now. Good, but stressful. Enjoyable, but stressful. Why are things so stinkin' expensive? I mean, I think about how much I spend on groceries for only three people. Not just food, but diapers, diaper genie refills (who wants to smell poopy diapers all day? Not me) baby wipes, ink cartridges for the printer, shampoo, cleaning supplies, toilet paper. I mean...c'mon! Does it ever end? No, it doesn't.
I am having to jump through HOOPS to get medicaid and foodstamps. To make a long story short, I sent in our applications, apparantely I had an appointment on the third which I didn't show up for, because they never even informed me about this so called appointment. So I've called them SEVEN times and left SEVEN messages. They haven't returned my calls. And we really really need the help. I'm looking for a job, but its hard to find a job where I can bring Mae. I went to Golds Gym the other day to see if they were hiring (thats where I worked when we lived in Utah. I worked at the daycare and it was perfect) but they aren't hiring right at the moment, but she told me to call in a couple of weeks. She had me come in and meet her and fill out an application, so I guess thats a good sign.
ANYWAYS, what I would really love is to be able to work from home with my etsy shop. I am doing a complete shop makeover, complete with new name and everything. I'm working on paintings and I hope to have my new shop up at the beginning of next month. Its hard though, finding the time to sit down and paint when Mae's napping is so sporatic. Some days she just refuses to take one. Plus, my back/neck and bones are really messed up right now, so sitting down to paint is rough. I'm in pain all day long. I feel like I'm 95.
I know I'm complaining, but honestly, life IS good. We have a roof over our heads, good friends, loving family, food in our tummies, and most importantly, the Gospel.

What I would love from all of you is any advice you have that has helped you through rough times. Is coupon clipping REALLY worth all the trouble? How in the world do I start my food storage when I barely have any money to buy groceries for everyday? (Has anyone else felt the urgency to be prepared? Its been bugging me for the past six months) etc. etc. SERIOUSLY. Any advice would be well appreciated!
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