I just recieved my first blog award! Thanks, Heather (oh, Heather, Aubs and Michelle aren't the only ones that read your blog. I am a "Life is a Hoot" stalker as well)

I am supposed to give an award to seven blogs that inspire me. That will be hard. I love EVERYONE'S blogs!

So here are my awards:
Sarah Jane Studios- an amazing illustrator!
Cancer Sucks- A family who recently lost their mother to cancer writes about their feelings and experiences
Alicia @ Corners Of My Mind or Reign of the Movie Queen-my witty cousin who loves to review movies and has hilarious things to say
Dustin Todd-a photographer with a unique twist
Inside a Black Apple-another favorite illustrator
Julie Parker Photography-my aunt, and INCREDIBLE photographer!
A Rainy Day in May-a CF (cyber friend) that is doing some incredible things for Breast Cancer Awareness month

Now, what you need to do is go HERE, post it on your blog, and let those that you have awarded know about it by commenting.
Thanks again, Heather :)
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