Funny Bunny

Tom and I were laying in bed and talking about/laughing at funny things.
Tom has done this our entire marriage, but I just realized how funny it is. He just randomly, without thinking about it, flexes his butt cheeks when we're in bed. Over and over. He'll also do it with his pecks all of the time. He just came to the conclusion that it's his nervous twitch and doesn't even know he's doing it. So we'll be laying in bed, back to back, and all of a sudden I'll feel him flexing his bum, one cheek at a time, back and forth back and forth. Its hilarious. What a strange twitch to have.
And then we got to talking about a comment he made during a movie we watched the other night: "National Treasure 2". If you haven't seen this movie, they of course go on a goonies-like adventure in an underground cave. This time, Ben's (Nicolas Cage) dad and ex-wife are with them. The two are not fond of each other, but end up alone in the caves having an Indiana Jones adventure. I started laughing at how funny it was, two old people swinging on ropes and having some romantic kiss when he "accidentally" falls on top of her after braving the rope. Then Tom saya, "This should be called 'Geriatric Jones and the Temple of Depends'" and I just about pooped myself laughing.

Another funny thing Tom was telling me about was a dream he had the other night. He dreamed he had an interview with Disney and when he went in to talk to them, his mouth filled up with lettuce and he couldn't talk. I can't remember the rest of the dream, but I thought that was pretty funny.

Speakin of funny dreams, those happen a lot around here. Well, maybe not funny DREAMS per say, but funny things said while dreaming. This is usually my doing. (I'll have to post some dream stories later) But this time, it was Tom for once. One night, I woke up with Tom's hand kind of fluttering over me like he was trying to find something or trying to put his hand somewhere. Finally, he found my bum crack, and settled his hand snuggly inside. I thought tiredly,"oh, good, he found a place to rest his hand" and started falling back to sleep, glad my huasband had achieved his goal. All of a sudden I jerked back awake and realized what was going on. "What the HECK!?" I thought, and pushed his hand away. Then I fell back asleep. A couple of hours later, I woke up and just starting busting up. Tom woke up and he's like, "What? Whats so funny?" Between bursts of laughter, I told him what he had done earlier. He didn't remember a thing! AH man! Life is so worth living when stuff like this happens to keep us laughing for the rest of our lives. I'm sure our grandchildren will hear that story.
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