E.T. gives me a treat

Today I took Thomas Thomas Farty Pants to the airport. He is off to Zimbabwe to NSHMBA, which is a yearly tribal ritual all Thunderbird students must go through. First they have to sleep in grass huts with 7 other men. Very crowded. Then they go through a series of tests where they have to eat things like fried cockroaches, hike a mountain with no water or food, sleep in the jungle by themselves, and dance on a burial ground while chanting. just kidding. GOTCHA! Did anyone believe me? If you did, its okay. Because I would've believed it. I'm extremely gullible.
Anyways, what it REALLY is, is a networking/job interview conference type of thing. There will tons of companies there interviewing for internships and such. Its actually in Atlanta, not Zimbabwe :) Tom had to apply for jobs ahead of time, and one of them was obviously DISNEY. Do you know how cool it would be if he got an internship for Disney next summer? As most of you know, Tom and I LOVE Disney. Our house is full of disney stuff. We've been there three times together. We both want to work there (in 1st grade I put as my dream job "to be an animator at MGM studios"). And we also got jobs there a couple of summers ago (I got a job as a character, and he got a job in retail) but we never ended up going because things at home kept us. ANYWAYS...cross your fingers for him!
Upon returning home, I found this in Mae's room next to my E.T. doll.

Hey, don't judge him. Its a line from the movie! :) And its actually pretty hilarious.

My husband is the best. I love stuff like this. My dad used to leave a note and a treat on my desk chair when I was little, and I loved waking up to that!
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