Mermaids and Memory Monday

I spent the entire day yesterday giving some furniture a makeover. Its so fun to have my own place decorate. I'm very close to being done so I can post some pictures.
I've also decided Mondays will be "Memory Monday" where I will post a picture or two of favorite people, places, things, and memories of the past. Good times, good times.

On to other things, I am in awe on a daily basis of Mae. She is always up to schilly schenanigans. I am amazed by the amount of personality she has, and has had since she was very young. "Anything for a laugh" is how Tom describes her. Just like her mom, right? Mae LOVES Aerial (just like her mom AND dad :) And as I was organizing art supplies, she came across these face masks I used to cover my mouth when I was pregnant and painting with oils (love the smell...but the fumes made me sick when I was expecting). She decided these made perfect shells, just like Aerial! She walked around holding these up to her chest saying, "Aerial! Aerial!" Whoever said that having kids means your life is over, was totally wrong. I have never been so entertained in my life!
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