Tom and I have been watching all of the Harry Potter movies, and he made a comment about the only thing that bugs him about the Harry Potter series, is that there are just some ridiculous situations. We were watching "The Goblet of Fire" at the time and I said, "You mean like how they need a permission slip to go to Hogsmeade but theres not a problem with them participating in the Triwizard Tournament where people have died?" We had a good laugh about parents worrying about there kids eating too many pumpkin pasties and getting a stomach ache, but they have no problem with a fire breathing dragon attacking them.
Another silly situation in a movie I noticed? Mae was watching "The Little Mermaid" and when Aerial gets in trouble for missing the concert, Flounder explains they were attacked by a shark, and then he gets to the part of going up to the surface to talk to Scuttle. Well, King Triton says NOTHING about his daughter almost being eaten alive by a great white, but has serious issues with her talking to a seagull.
I mean, I KNOW that wizards and mermaids are nowhere near reality, but c'mon people!
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