Bye Bye To Us

We had a little going away bash at my dads restaurant a week before we left. I just have to say, how incredibly grateful I am for the people in my life. My family and friends mean the WORLD to me, and I have been so blessed with the people I have met and been proud to call friends. Seriously, words cannot describe how much I love my friends and family. Thanks to everyone who came! It was so much fun :)

Gidge, Rust, and my bro Aaron

Beautiful Olivia Rae

Lisa Young (now my cute sister in law!) and Melissa Jensen

Me eating a BURGER

Nick, Olivia Mae, John, Abe, Jeremy, Terra, Linds, and Tanya

Jeremy, Crew, and Terra

Tyler, Oodin, Brooke, Tom, Becca, Dee, Tom Sr., Stephanie, Megan, and Paige
Emily Ford and Jim

Becca, Olivia, and Dee
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