You cotton headed ninny muggin!

Alright, you kids. This is going to be a LOOOONG post (well, a lot of pictures, at least) so buckle up and hold on. {oh, and its kind of backwards}

Today was my last day at Gold Gym Daycare, where I have been working since October 07. Surprisingly, I've really liked this job. Only three hours, five days a week, and I get to bring Mae with me. The best thing? The girlies I worked with. I have made some great friends there, and hopefully those friendships will last.
{Left to Right: Heather, Shelbi, Celeste, Nicole aka Cinole, Julie, Violetta, and me}
There were some girls missing from this picture, as they didn't work today :(

Nicole yelling at a customer. Just kiddin'
This is Mae's "boyfriend" Easton. He and Mae are so cute together!

Cute little Easton

The "Breakroom". Actually, its a closet.

Don't I have the nicest friends?

Shelbster and I being silly gooses.

Ah, Nicole. How I'll miss dancing and cartwheeling about with you!

Shelbi is ecstatic to be in the baby room! "Crackers and cheese, Gromit!"

My goofy girl in the sink

Peyton (Shelbi's second born) tries to climb in. At first Mae was excited and kept saying "hi! hi! hi!"

But then her "hi!" gets angry, and pretty soon she's feeling a little invaded.

This was this morning, before I took Tom to work. I love seeing these two together.

Peyton and Mae share a hug
Okay, now going backwards. This is the last of our trip to AZ. We spent Monday night with friends at the Deseret Ridge mall/plaza. NICE place. Going to be a tough time not spending money at this place. We went to din din at a Mexican place, and had a splendiferous time. I'm so excited to live near these marvelous humanoids. They are the best.
I have to apologize to Jess, because I jumped all over her and screamed like the little girl that I am as we were walking to the restaurant because I saw a cockroach. (Jess claims it was a cricket, but I'm not buying it. Crickets don't come in Godzilla size)
Sorry I'm so lame.
Tommy Buns at the waterpark

My whiteness at the water park

Dippin' Dots Deliciousness
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