Whimsical Rags

::My mom is an amazing seamstress. She made most of our clothes when we were little, our dresses for high school dances (still have mine) and our Halloween costumes. And they were incredible. I'm not kidding. I'm still sad she got rid of my brothers E.T. costume, because I would wear that thing every hallows eve, if possible.
She has decided to start an etsy shop, called "Whimsical Rags" where she'll sell her divine creations. Here are the photographs I took for her shop, and the banner I designed. The shop isn't up yet, but stay tuned for the grand opening!::

{hollywood glamour}

{fireman coat}

{cowboy vest and chaps}

{blue striped apron}

{pink stoal}

{pretty skirt-pink}

{pretty skirt-purple}

{red striped apron}

{mountain man}
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