jReasons to be excited for our big move:

+warm winters. there is nothing i despise more than being cold
+swimming with mae everyday
+having my own place again! that thought just sends chills down my spine. i lie awake at night dreaming up how i'm going to dress up our little apartment
+having a hot meal ready for tom when he gets home from studying hard all day
+not sharing a room with mae anymore, as much as i love my sweet gizmo
+palm trees!
+playing with friends we haven't seen in a long time (josh, jess, abe, steph, james, taylor, meg)
+meeting new people and going to a new ward
+having more room to really start painting more often
+sunday webcam with family in utah
+cleaning, organizing, making weekly menus, and keeping our apartment lovely for my little fam

{And Most Of All}

Ythe growth and closeness we will experience being away from our security zone
Yhaving another baby
Ymoving on to the next phase in our life
Ywatching tom enjoy the experience as he learns and becomes closer to his goals
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