I wasn't tagged, but I'm doing it anyways. I'm tired of organizing stuff to store, stuff to take to Arizona, stuff to take to the D.I. etc. I'm DONE people.

Then and Now

20 years ago...
I was six years old. We were living in Bennion, UT in our little house. I have really good memories of that house. My Grandpa Lindgren built us an amazing playhouse in the backyard, and I spent my days swimming in our kiddie pool, hiding under blankets from a mosquito with Aubrey, playing "Smurfs" on Calico Vision, and loving my first cabbage patch doll, Holly.

10 years ago...
I was 16 and my days consisted of going to Raging Waters with friends, going to Sconecutter at 3 in the morning, shopping at the mall, crushing on 500 boys, and just being a 16 year old.

5 years ago...
I was 21 and had just barely gotten married to Tom. We were on our honeymoon in Florida, then off to Lake Powell with his family. We had the cutest apartment in Provo, where Tom went to school at BYU, and I worked at Souper Salad and coached gymnastics at my Aunt Heidi's gym.

3 years ago...We were living in Holladay, and I was working at my dads restaurant and coaching tumbling. I was feeling baby hungry. Tom was working for his dad.

1 year ago...
We were doing the same thing we are today. Living in Tom's parents basement. Mae was learning how to crawl. I was doing a lot of photography.

Yesterday...I went to church, read "Body for Life", took a bath, went to my families house and ate roast beef and hung out with the fam, and then went to bed.
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