TAG, you're it!

My sister Aubrey tagged me! You answer the questions with a picture. You type in your answer to a search engine and post one of the pictures as your response. Different and fun. So here goes:

1. Age I will be on my next birthday: 27 (should I feel old? Cause I do)

2. A place I would like to travel to: Japan. I want to meet a Geisha

3. My favorite place to be: Disneyland! Can I live here, please?

4. My favorite thing: (family)

5. My favorite food(s): Mango, chocolate chip cookies with milk, watermelon

6. My favorite animal: Orca Whale

7.My favorite colors: Aqua, Green, and Yellow

8. Place I was born:
9. Place I live: (Salt Lake City, UT)

10. Name of past pet: (Stimpy the turtle)

11. Name of past love: (It was a boy, I promise)

12. Your first name: (wow, I'm hot)

13. Bad Habit: eating too much dessert

14. College Degree: Art and Photography (eventually I'll be done)

15. Religious beliefs: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

I tag: Paris, Alicia, Amy, Noelle, Tanya, and Leslie
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