I Feel Oh So Special!

Yesterday, a woman contacted me from Hilton Hotels:

Dear Ms. Johnson -
My name is Julee Cooke, and I am a copywriter for Hilton Hotels, writing for their internal employee newsletter called HIP. This publication is distributed to approximately 40,000 employees of the company worldwide in hard copy and is also posted on their internal website for viewing online.
In looking for an appropriate image for a story I wrote about a couple who adopted a child in Colorado and stayed in one of their hotels during the waiting week, I stumbled across your beautiful pen and ink drawing of your family.
It is simply a perfect illustration for the story, and I would love to use it, but only with your permission.
Naturally, Hilton's lawyers will not permit such use unless I get that permission from you in writing, so I am hopeful you will be willing to provide it. Naturally, we will include credit for the image in a visible location near the story.
I am hopeful you will approve, and will appreciate the use of your artwork as it reflects such a lovely, wonderfully warm cocoon. Just what has grown from the adoption that this couple has concluded, and from the looks of your website and blog, your own beautiful family as well. If you prefer to speak with me in person, I have included my mobile number following my signature below.
I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible, as our deadline is looming.
With very kind regards,
Julee Cooke
HIP Magazine

So...my illustration is going to be published! I'm quite excited!

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