Happy Anniversary!

This is almost a week late, but Tom and I were in AZ on our Five Year Anniversary. So, without further ado:

Our Story
I think Tom and I have a really cool story!
Tom was a senior at Brighton High when I was sophomore. He was a star football player and an SBO. So, in short, he was cool and liked by everyone. The first time I noticed him, we were at an assembly where the SBO officers had all promised the school they would do something cuh-razy. I can't remember why. Tom's was to have his entire body shaved. (He's a hairy guy) and I just remember saying to my friend,"woa, he's cute" and just staring at him the entire time. So began my crush on Thomas Parker Johnson.

My best friend, Lindsey and I had an obsession with U2. One day I was walking along the halls and saw this kid that looked EXACTLY like Bono, but with blond hair. I ran and told Lindsey and showed him to her. The began the "Bono" obsession. This guys name was Rusty Bringhurst. He was friends with Tom, and an amazing actor.He starred in all the school plays. Our other friend Molly, could care less about these two guys. All three of us always hung out, and one day we decided to go to the school baseball game. Well, lo and behold, guess who sat in front of us? Tom and Rusty. Lindsey and I were ecstatic, and of course Molly was indifferent. Tom and Rusty turned around and flirted a bit, which made my heart pitter patter in my chest like a leetle dragonfly. I remember it was pajama day, and Tom looked oh so cute in his plaid flannel bottoms.

At the time, Molly was kind of dating Toms best friend, Josh Egan, who is a year older than me, and Mollys age (are you getting confused?) I told Josh I thought Tom was cute and he should hook me up. He always teased me about it, but it never happened. Tom said he remembered me from high school and thought I was cute, but never did anything about it. Josh wrote in my year book "You and Tom are going to have lots of kids!" I think we should have that framed.

Anyways, life went on, we graduated, Molly went off to school in Cedar City, Linds off to BYU, and I was up to my shenanigans elsewhere. One day I get an email from Molly saying, "you'll never believe who I'm dating. Rusty Bringhurst!" Apparently Josh had set them up, of all people. So, they got hitched, and I was the maid of honor. While at the wedding, I was up at the front as the bishop was marrying them, and I just kept stealing glances at Tom in the audience. He'd been home from his mission just short of a year, and BOY did he look good. I could NOT keep my eyes off of him. He told me that he was doing the same thing, and was thinking about what it would be like to date me. He was really flirty while we were standing in the wedding line. In fact, the first thing he did was come up to me, give me bejinos (kisses on each cheek) and say "you look SMASHING!" These were the first words we ever exchanged. I was enthralled.
That night at the reception, Rusty was talking to Tom and told me to come over. Tom asked if I wanted to go out on a double date with him, Rusty, and Molly when they got back from their honeymoon. I of course, said yes. About ten minutes later, he approached me and said, "What if I don't want to wait two weeks?" and got my number to call me later that night.
That night, I grabbed my yearbook and showed his picture to my mom. I was so excited. He picked me up and we went over to his friend Garrets house, where we watched "Shrek". Well, while Garret was taking his girlfriend home, Tom ended up making the move. It was very pleasant, kissing this handsome young man that I'd had a crush on for years, but you have to remember that during this time I was a camp counselor up at Brighton LDS camp, so the spiritual juices were flowing and I was like,"GOSH! What a jerk! Kissing me on the first date. Well, I NEVER!" Once again though, it was a very nice make out session.
I went back to camp and told everyone about him and wrote about three pages in my journal about it, ranting about how boys only ever wanted to make out with me and never wanted a relationship (which was the case in high school. I got "played" a lot)
and blah blah blah. I laugh at this journal entry now.

So Tom calls the next day, and asks if he can come up to camp to see me. I told him Thursday we had devotional, so he could come then. I was impressed and felt bad about making such a quick judgement.
He came up and looked awesome, of course. All the little campers were like "ELMO! WOO HOO! " and I must say, I was quite pleased with myself. A bunch of campers even asked him if he was a model for abercrombie and fitch, and asked for his number!
Anyways, we stood up on Sentry Rock that night and he told me I looked like a movie star, like Claudia Schiffer, and I liked him even more.
After camp was done, I had to get gall bladder surgery, and Tom bought me a Chicken Dance Elmo, which was way cool. We started spending as much time together as much as possible. (He was still at BYU, and I was in SLC) We got engaged eight months later, and were married July 19th, 2003, almost a year after we had started dating. And the rest is history!

I love you Tom!
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