I have been really busy the last couple of days and haven't really posted. Thanks for all of your comments!
Lots of stuff going on...Tom and I are looking for apartments in Provo. As some of you know, Tom is going to get his MBA, and has had schools literally begging him to attend. BYU gave him a full scholarship for the first year, so we're thinking that will be our plan. Back to Provo we go! That's where we started our marriage, and it was pretty fun :) I'll also be close to my sister (horray!) my Aunt and cousins (horrah!) and some pals (haroo!) and not too far from SLC where my family and Tom's fam resides. Good stuff.
I recently got my lenses changed in my glasses from "computer" glasses to "everything far away is blurry" glasses. My eyes have gone from 20/20 to 20/30. I used to pride myself on my impeccable vision, and now thanks to the many hours spent on the computer playing with photoshop and such, my eyes are pooping out on me. The funny thing is, a month ago I was telling my sisters and Tom how I wouldn't mind if I could wear my glasses more often then just when I'm on the computer, because the frames are so stinkin' cute. I jinxed myself. Now I just need to say "I wish we would win a million dollars" and maybe it'll happen? Prolly not.
As far as the "Self Challenge" goes, I'm still doing it. Its fun and super easy. I deleted my blog dedicated to it, but I will post my progress on this one. Becca, you asked about my before and after pictures? I think I'll post them once I'm all done with the challenge. I'm a little nervous to do so, but golly darny doo, I'm going to do it.
Here is my art for the day:

I made this frame for my dad for Fathers day a couple of years back. Its a frame representing what my dads about, his likes, quotes often said, etc. I find that when I'm creating something for someone I love, its more fun than just doing something just to do it, yo. And no, the word "daddy" isn't spelled wrong. I call my dad "deddy" and he luffs it. HAWLO, DEDDY!
The End
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