Easter Weekend + Creepy Crawlies

Easter Weekend=Lots O' Fun! Mae looked so cute in her easter dress (which daddy picked out and bought all by himself!) We had a delish easter dinner at the Johnsons , and then headed over to my parents for an easter egg hunt. Caitlyn and Mae were so cute running around together.

What a cutie!
Aubs and Deddy looking oh so excited!

My cute father in law washing the dishes.
Daddy, Great Grandma Johnson, and Mae playing "wheres your nose?"
Our little Mae running around in her diaper.
I promise I was having fun. I think I just ate one too many chocolates.
A couple of weeks ago, Tom and I were at Target and I saw this alarm clock. Its a disney princess castle, and the alarm is the scene from Cinderella, when she sings "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" and then when the mousies are helping her get ready for the day. I was jumping around in the aisle like a little kid and begging to get it. Tom said "not today" hee hee So he bought it for me for easter, set it for 8am, and hid it in a bag underneath the desk. It was so exciting to wake up to it! And Mae LOVES it. It also has a little projector on top that projects stars on the ceiling. I'm such a 12 year old.

I took some photographs of Tom shining the stars on his face. I thought this one turned out neat-o.
I found this fine fellow in my shower. He's missing some legs because I tried to catch him in a cup. oopsie. I am terrified of spiders/crickets/cockroaches etc. etc. and I'm not looking forward to this summer, because these guys are all OVER the basement.I have to do a spider check every time I get in the shower. Hopefully we'll be moving out soon!
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