Me Me
I love these. My cousin, Noelle said it perfectly, and I agree. I like talking, and I like talking about myself :) tee hee

I can

1. Make a perfect dolphin noise

2. walk on my hands until my shoulders get too tired to do it anymore

3. sing

I can't

1. sing in front of people (unless I'm "performing" in sacrament meeting. Which is weird)

2. say no to sweets

3. workout without my ipod

I should

1. stop obsessing about getting something done every second of the day

2. start drinking more water

3. give Tom more huggles

I could

1. get more on my etsy shop if I had space to work

2. stretch my back out everyday so it doesn't hurt so badly

3. play with Mae more

I would

1. take my family to disneyland for two weeks if I had the money

2. be a whale trainer if family weren't more important to me

3. save the whales

I will

1. travel and take amazing photographs of the places I visit

2. learn the rules to football so I can sit through a game and enjoy it with Tom

3. make my house (that we'll buy one of these days) fun and unique

I won't

1. ever stop eating dessert

2. ever have a big chest

3. ever like cockroaches

I want

1. to be out of debt

2. to buy a house and a new car

3. to live a loving and fulfilling life

I crave

1. the gospel

2. sleep

3. food I shouldn't eat

I hear

1. the computer humming

2. my fingers typing

3. silence other than those other two

I smell

1. the air

2. the air

3. the air (although I wish I smelled waffles)

I see

1. the computer

2. my hands

3. my glasses

I am

1. sore

2. excited for the day

3. eager to give Mae and Tom hugs when they wake up

I was

1. incredibly insecure

2. vain

3. a good gymnast

I hope

1. I'll have the confidence to start a REAL art business

2. we get a new car soon

3. Tom loves business school

I love

1. my fam

2. art and good music

3. my religion
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