Elmo Loves You

As many of you know, I am a huge Muppets and Sesame Street fan. When I was a counselor up at Brighton Camp my nickname was *Elmo*. I can't help it. The little guy is just so cute and really funny!
I used to collect all of the Muppet/Sesame Street dolls plus I have a bunch of the talking Elmo dolls. It got too expensive to keep up with. This is the latest one and I think its hilarious, especially the Pizza. Listen to his laugh at the end, its totally goofy!

Oh, and there is a really cute "Tickle Me Elmo" online that Mae and I love to play with. Elmo pops up in a little screen, and you can tickle him with your mouse and he'll randomly do carwheels and pull funny faces. If you have kids (or you're like me and you act like a kid and are easily entertained) here is the link.
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