Blog Swap!

I am taking part in my first blog swap and I'm really really excited. :) I LOVE getting packages in the mail, and I'm seriously devastated that snail mail is almost non-existant. If you want to take part, go here. Here is my daily diddy. Okay, I can't stand that word anymore, so I'm going to call it my "daily show-and-tell" I miss show-and-tell, don't you?
This is one of the three illustrations I did for my brothers movie "The Awesome Robots" which I also had a part in. Acting isn't my strong point, but it was fun! To see it, and other great movies by my big bro, go here.
-Have a Great WEEKEND!-
Its my 26th birthday tomorrow, so I'll be going to the aquarium, having a birthday date with my honey, and creating new works!
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