Stock Photo Fun

I'm the Graphic Designer for TheHomeMag Utah, which means I get to look at a lot of stock photos.
The following are some treats I have come across and couldn't resist sharing.

Kitty Meowington has a fever. 

 "Dear Lord....we bless this mower that it may chop grass with the greatest of ease, that it may have sufficient fuel for the journey ahead, and that my pants don't get grass stains. They're my pretty pants. Amen."

And it was in that moment that Satan himself entered Baby Mortimers soul. 

 This is a totally normal picture. I don't know how it got in here. 

Because the best place to have cocktails is on a lawn mower. 

 NO. Just...no. #no

Apparently "sex sells" applies to cooling appliances too. "Buy a new A/C unit for $499 and get a Hot Girl...FREE!"

I would love to see this photoshoot IRL. "Okay, we need a pile of poo. BERNIE! Did you find a pile of poo yet? WHAT?! I can't hear...OH! You found some? What? It's yours? Okay, that'll work. Bring it over! Put it right there...no, a little to the left...next to that small pebble...Okay man....hold your foot above the poo. Turn your foot so your big toe is at a 45 degree angle above the right corner of the poo pile. I KNOW poo doesn't have corners, but you know what I mean! THAT'S IT! DON'T. MOVE." And etc. 

If only vacuuming were this fancy free. This is a picture of LIES. 
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