RED LIPS have been my signature lip color since high school. It's been a long time since I was 15. Like...(hold on I'm counting on my fingers....) like 17 years this Saturday. WHAT THE HELL. Why did I just do that to myself? Why did I just do the math stuff? Now it's for reals, dude. I can't believe I'm days away from turning 32. Okay, whatever. Moving on. I'm over it. My point is, is that over the span of those 17 years (what the HELL) I have tried a whole lotta red lipsticks. I still haven't found the perfect one. Let me share with you what I expect every time I shell out money for a new red lip product:

 It has to smell good, stay put (I kiss a lot of cute little cheeks throughout the day) it has to be the perfect shade of red, it has to be easy to apply, it has to make me feel like a badass sexy lady, it has to be made of cruelty free ingredients and not tested on animals. I'm not high maintenance at all.  Never have I found one that actually meets all of my standards. Until NOW. (Cue trumpets and angel choir). 

I came across Lime Crime cosmetics on Instagram when the lovely Renee Olstead shared a photo of her kisser decked out in Red Velvet. It took me a few months to come around and actually order it, but after so many a rave review, I finally caved. I am happy to say it meets all of my strict requirements and I never want it to go away. Please, Lime Crime, stay around forever and ever. I love you. 
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