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Have you thought about joining my 90 Day Wrap Challenge? I just started mine and here are my results of the first wrap. 

I let my health/body go a bit in the last 3-4 months. I worked full time for Apple for a couple of months (which meant getting up at 4am and getting home around 6pm. Too tired to do anything but feed the kids then crash.) then we moved back to Utah and the holidays came. So. I gained some weight, lost some muscle, all that fun stuff. Such is life! Now I am back to it.
The wrap challenge is just $59 a month. That gets you a box of 4 wraps, so you would wrap at least once a week. You can add additional products to boost your results. Here is my personal program:

2 scoops of Greens 3 x daily
One wrap every 72 hours
With breakfast I take 1 Thermofit, 1 New You, and 3 It's Vital.
With lunch I take 1 Thermofit, 1 Confianza and 1 Relief.
With dinner I take 1 Thermofit, 1 Confianza and 1 Relief.
Before bed I take 2 New You.
And of course, Fat Fighters on those occasions I feel like splurging! They absorb 30% fats and 75% carbs!
Exercise 4 x weekly

Email me your goals and I will design a program to help you reach your goals. ohsnapwraps@gmail.com

Shop online at www.ohsnapbodywraps.com

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