Supermom I am NOT

This article appeared on my Facebook feed at just the right time. In fact, it's something I should read at least once a week to remind myself that I need to STOP being so hard on myself. (Am I allowed to use "myself" in the same sentence twice?).

Even though I wrote this post awhile back, I am still guilty of framing things just so in order to appear that I have all my crap together, when in fact I do not. My house almost is always messy. My kids fingernails get clipped only when I realize they are 7 inches long and have dirt and who knows what else caked underneath. My daughter dresses herself like Punky Brewster daily and I encourage it. Who doesn't love one Hello Kitty sock, one robot sock, a batgirl cape, and a dinosaur mask all at once?

Anywhoodles, my life is chaos. It's a daily battle to accept that and love it. I'm working on a free printable just for you guys, to remind you that it's the memories that matter most. Stay tuned!

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