(cool story about why we live here)

I have a love/hate relationship with this kitchen.

+LOVE the open shelving and the vintage wallpaper. 
-HATE the tile. I don't know what the previous owners were thinking. It confuses me. I look down and I'm like,"OH! I'm outside again...."
+LOVE the old fridge. We had to get rid of it a few weeks ago because it was leaking. BOO. 
-HATE the lack of counter space. I can slice like...a carrot and then I have to clean up and start on a tomato. It takes me an hour to make a salad.
+LOVE the gas stove! 

I bought this box of vintage reading cards a long time ago, and it has a bunch of cute pictures I will eventually frame. For now, masking tape will do. 

I love my vintage Coffee tin.

Blurry picture. Found the Song of the Gout at a thrift store. It cracks me up! My good friend Janice painted the ladies on the beach. 

The old fridge. I miss it. :(

This window leads out to the laundry room. I thought about getting little curtains, but the I need all the light I can get in the kitchen. So I just deal with the water spots on the window.  

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