Who needs Bloomingdales?

I'm on a budget, ya'll. So I have to get creative with my wardrobe.

Do you love this picture? In my ghetto backyard? With a chewed up straw on the ground? Me too. I think it's Vogue worthy. I tried really hard to look totally rad, and I think I accomplished just that.
Tanktop from H&M $3
Color block top from thrift store $3

Polka dot pants were $15 at Walmart.

 Dino necklace came with the earrings I have in my second earring holes for $8 at Target.
Freckles are mine. You can't have.

 Earrings: Vintage store ($1) and Target ($8 with Dino necklace)

Here are some fun pictures from my "photo shoot". 
This is my "I just smelled a fart" face.

This is my "I think I'm still a gymnast" artfully out of focus pose.

I hope you've been inspired. 
Now I'm off to eat a Snickers bar. Modeling is hard work.

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