House Tour - Front Room

It's been almost a year since we moved into this cute little house (cool story about why we live here), and I still haven't posted any pictures. I keep thinking I will once I'm "done" decorating but I'm never done. There is always something I want to change or add or move around. 

So...here it is. Always a work in progress. The front room:

-The view from the kitchen. Love that floor -

 - An antique that made it's way across the sea with immigrants. I painted it aqua and I'm just in love with it. It's my favorite piece of furniture-

-My art and photography books, and monster posters that we'll frame eventually-

 -Engagement picture, Disney Family Fun magazine article Mae and I were in, family history photos, a lamp that needs some kind of shade.-

 -The kitchen has a small room built off of it that is supposed to be a dining area. It is so awkwardly shaped that our table didn't fit in there, so we chow here and I made the nook my art studio-

 -A photograph I took of my daughter and a drawing I did of my husband, daughter and I.
I need to draw a new one with Sawyer-

 -My sock monkey made for me by my sister and a rad "Lord of the Rings" video disc. Remember those?-

 -The time out chair-

-My grandmothers hutch and a chair I painted in high school. It's an old Wendys chair. -

 -He's not excited that you're about to put your ass on his face.-

 -On top is a Madame Alexander doll my mom passed down to Mae, a chess set from China, my Mickey Mouse ears, and my bridal picture.-

 -I love everything in my hutch. My house has to be filled with things that has a history and sentimental value. I'm a sucker for anything with a story-

 -Vintage cameras, postcards from family, and a Geisha fan. I love Geishas!-

 -Vintage Mark Twain books, reading picture cards, and vintage Yahtzee and Scrabble-

 -My mom and I while she was going through one of her many rounds of chemo-
-Vintage Disney books and Tom Sawyer. An interesting fact about this book: A few years after I had Mae, I just knew that our next kid would be a boy. I also knew that I wanted to name him Ender or Sawyer. I came across this book in a shop and had to buy it. A few years later I got pregnant, it was a boy, and we named him Sawyer. I love having a book with my husbands and my sons name on it.-
-Random knick knacks and an owl candle. It makes the hutch smell so good-
-Crafts that Tom and Mae made at free art museum day-

 -Vintage Mickey Mouse doll, and of course, one of the greatest gifts I've ever received "Little Ballerina"-
-Whale salt shaker. You know how I feel about whales...-

 -Acquire! A tradition in my husband family. Okay, obsession, actually-

 -This is a door. It opens and closes.-

 -A couple of our Disneyland posters. We get one every time we go-

Well, there you have it, folks! This is by far my favorite room in the whole house. 

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