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It's been SOOO long since I've done any kind of life drawing. I really need the practice, so I drew this lovely lady:

(Doesn't she have a nice round rumpus?)

My daughter and I were watching one of our favorite movies, "Coraline" and she had the idea to pause it and draw this still shot. (So my daughter. I remember doing that with my friends when we were in grade school during "A Little Mermaid" and they were so annoyed. I still have that drawing, actually) Here is mine:

And hers:
I have to say, for a 5 year old she is a pretty good artist. She has a really cool way of putting colors together, and it was also really creative of her to have Coraline wearing a button shirt. I love how she labeled the witch as "weck".

I drew this at around 2 in the morning. I was just sitting on my front porch and started to draw our neighbors house.

I take the kids to McDonalds once a week so I usually end up sketching whatever is around me, hence the cup. It's a bit wonky on the bottom. 
My husband and I are a little obsessed with their sweet teas, half cut. Mmmmm......

And this is just some dorky drawing I made up as I went.

The end!

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