Gollum: Part Two

I love working from home for the very reason that I get to hang with my kids.

I've always had a hard time with color. Black pen is my comfort zone. But, I really felt (okay, I literally just typed out "fart" instead of "felt" just now. I should have just left it, right?) 
Anyways, I felt like this needed some eerie color emanating from the ring. I have a range of colors that I'm comfortable with, that I always seem to lean towards. Having to step away from that palette is really giving my brain some good creative exercise. 
That being said, I miss the black and white. I hate the middle stages of a painting because it always just looks muddy and unfinished. I just have to be patient, because I know in the end, adding the color is necessary for the emotion I want to create.

Gollums profile has also been a challenge. I drew him without any references, so in order to get his profile right I'm going to get out my Gollum figurine and pose him. 

[Nerd alert: Yes, you read correctly. I have a Gollum figurine. He comes with a rock you can pose him on, interchangeable heads (one for Gollum, one for Smeagol) and a fish. OH! AND...there are even audio buttons on the rock if you want Gollum or Smeagol to talk!] 


  As an artist, all of these challenges are good. It's really pushing me out of my safety bubble and forcing me to enhance my skills. And no matter what, whenever I am drawing/painting, I am a happy camper, so the amount of time I'm spending on this piece has been so much fun.
I'm really excited to finish it and post it for you guys to see! 

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