art studio tour

This Saturday I will officially be my own boss. 
9 am-3 pm, Saturdays and Sundays in the art studio.
We've lived her for about 2 months, and today I finally got my studio put together. 
There are definitely some improvements to be made, but I can do that over time.
I'm thinking wall to wall bulletin boards, some chalkboard paint, a neat-o light fixture, finish painting that darn desk....a never ending list of projects! That's how I like it baby, that's how I like it!

 I've been in need/want of a new art desk foooor-evvvv-errrr (please say that like Squints from "Sandlot"), but haven't had funds to get one. 

The Universe whispered in my ear one fine day to take a journey to Goodwill, and I found this. For $12. Oh, joyous day! Thrifting NEVER disappoints. 

(Is it abnormal that I get a bigger high from thrift shopping than I do going shoe shopping?)

100 year old floors. Just the thought of how many other feet have walked on these floors is so amazing to me. 

Maybe it was once anothers art studio? A nursery? A study? 
Ah, how I wish I knew!

I'm ready to start creating. BRING IT ON!
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