It's a small world after all....

So, crazy story:
 A few years ago a very nice girl left a comment on my blog, and we became blogging friends. She won a giveaway I was holding to win a custom illustrated portrait by yours truly. (I will now take this golden opportunity to inform you that you can get YOUR custom illustration for $25!)
 Through our communication I learned that her husband was the one and only Brother Ali. I was embarassed to say I had never heard of him, but my husband and I looked him up and were immediate fans. This guy has some serious talent, and his voice is like butta. If you have never feasted your ears upon his musical talents, do so now. NOW. No, wait! Let me finish my story first! Rude....

 Last week I was in Utah for Justin Hackworths "30 Strangers". The kids and I got to the airport early Saturday morning to catch a flight back home. As we entered the line for security, a man caught my eye, and to my astonishment, I realized it was Brother Ali. As we weaved back and forth through the line, I kept passing him and really wanted to say something, but I was feeling a bit bashful. I finally stopped him after we had gone through security and introduced myself as the girl who had drawn a picture of his family a few years back. He was so nice and let me take a picture with him. Anyways, what a small world, right?

Love the message in this song! Makes me want to get up and shout Hallelujah! 
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