Vegas! and a giveaway!

Tom and I just got back from a weekend in Vegas with a group of friends. It was a much needed break and such a blast!
Saturday we went to the Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis show. I've always wanted to get hypnotized, so when he called for volunteers, I headed up to the stage. I turned around, surprised to see Tom following me! Once all of the volunteers are on stage, the hypnotist goes through the hypnotism process, and then narrows it down to the 10 that respond the best. Tom and I both made it to the final 10.

It was most definitely a crazy experience! I thought I wouldn't be aware of anything, but basically I just felt really relaxed, kind of out of it, and I had no inhibitions whatsoever. Tom and I watched the video last night, and OH. MY. HOLY. COW.
 I was out of control. I seriously just danced and gyrated all over the stage most of the time, I was such a spaz! This is not at all out of character for me. I'm just a goofball anyways, but this was in front of an audience.
Among the many ways we made fools of ourselves, we:
-Auditioned to be a Playboy model
-River danced
-I was hypnotized to believe the hypnotist was a complete pervert and any time he touched me I was totally disgusted and ran away screaming several times.
-Tom was hypnotized to have horrible jock itch any time the hypnotist shook his hand.
-A belt turned into a ferocious snake!
(Tom on the upper left hand side, and me on the bottom right hand side)

Other fun activities on the trip included us girls making up a synchronized swimming routine at the hotel pool (which gathered a crowd), eating at a place called "Dicks" where the servers are total, well....dicks to you, walking the strip, shopping, a prostitute making an offer to one of the husbands, and a Comedy Magic show, and me having a conversation with a drunk guy that was telling me not to get hypnotized because they would have access to my bank account number. What a trip!

What a lucky gal I am!

The Crew

Best buds for 16 years!

The Ladies

The Fellas

Me and my Brother Husbands

I look pregnant in this picture, but I assure you, I am not.

Trump Tower Hotel. Fancy pants, right?

Oh ya. I'm on instagram now. You?
Going to Vegas soon? I have free tickets to the Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis Show for 2!
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