Real Love

Guest post from: Joe Castro

Is there any sweeter sound than the gentle clanging of dishes being put away by someone other than you? I pondered this thought for a moment while I was ordering a movie on www.expertsatellite.com My husband had taken it upon himself to help out in the kitchen since my day had been over the top busy and draining. With his generosity in mind, I felt I would mirror it. I decided to order a movie he would thoroughly enjoy and I could manage to sit through for his sake. It wasn’t my first choice of movie flicks that was out there but that was ok. I felt it was the least I could do considering I did not have to ask or nag for any help all afternoon. He paid close attention to what I needed to complete my day and this is the least I could do for him. If he would put away the clean dishes and sweep the floors all the time, I would suffer through the entire Star Wars saga just for him. Now that is love people!
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