Natural cold and flu remedies

Cold/Flu season is upon us, and my little family has been passing germs back and forth. We can't seem to get over it. Once one of us starts feeling better, someone else gets it. I haven't had it too bad, and I credit that to Herbalife and Doterra essential oils. Prevention is key!

Last night I started to get a really horrible sore throat, the kind you know is leading towards strep.
I created a hot tea mixture that I drank last night before bed and this morning when I woke up.

"Go Away You Stinkin' Cold and/or Flu" Tea

-8-12 oz hot water
-Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate
-One drop each of Doterra Lemon, Oregano, Lavender, and Frankincense essential oils
-Raw honey (I use quite a bit)
Take with Herbalife Schizandra Plus and an echinacea supplement.

It has quite a strong flavor, but it works!

To order any of the products above, go to Herbalife and Doterra Essential Oils.
For the Doterra, I highly recommend getting the Family Physicians Kit. It's awesome, and a must for every family.
My mom and dad were visiting and my dad gets frequent headaches. I gave him a neck and head massage using Deep Blue, Peppermint, and Francinsense with some olive oil, and his headache disappeared. He asked for it twice more after that, and both times it was success.

And right now you can get 25% off on Herbalife products by entering FEB25 at checkout.

Well, I'm feeling so much better I'm off to workout!

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