4 months

Dear Sawyer/Soy Soy/Soy Sauce/Sawyer Magoney-
You're pretty much just the raddest lil thing. Still the smiliest, happiest baby ever! We laugh all day with you. You're snuggly and warm and soft and I can't stop kissing those little cheeks. 
You're really starting to want to get your hands and mouth on everything possible. 
You've already got a sense of humor, just like your big sister. You both came out of the womb trying to make people laugh. 
Throughout the day, you and I just stare and smile at each other. You get so happy that you bring your little hands together and up under your chin, tilt your head to the side, and give me a bashful grin. Boy is it the sweetest thing!
I love you, buddy!

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