black pens and viking calves


i've been trying to get this lil house of ours in order. it's been so nice to have a place of our own again!
can't wait to post some pics :) i FINALLY got to unearth my E.T. poster and display it! (like...a REAL poster from the movie theaters. its not paper..its like..plastic... wow i sound like an idiot)

being a mommy to a 3 month old is so busy but so fun! man, the way that little guy looks up at me with complete adoration and that bashful grin on his face....heart melting right now.

mae is of course busy and loving being a big sister. she will be turning 5 in a few weeks and i just can't believe it. just can't!

i'm working on some really awesome illustrations that i'm super proud of, but i'm stuck on both of them. i just stand there and stare at them and wonder what in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks i should do with the background.

see....i have a pretty unconventional, not smart way of drawing. i got in trouble for it a lot in college. you're supposed to sketch it all out into a final drawing, have a pretty good idea of your colors, etc.
i don't do that. i have an idea in my head, i kinda sketch it out....and then my A.D.D takes over and it's like,"let's get the show on the road!" so i start coloring it in and outlining it with my wonderful black pen. speaking of that black pen, it's so ME. i outline everything and crosshatch everything. it's muh style. i sketch in black pen, which is also a no-no since you can't erase your mistakes. but my pencil sketches suck. i just can't do it. i hate pencils.

anyways, i get all excited to see how the main object of drawing is going to look so i get it completely done, then i worry about the background later. i can't help it. i am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-follow-my-intuition kind of artist. i just go with the flow, go with what feels right, listen to my pen.

but it kind of sucks when i start working on the background, mess it up, and then have to cut out the main object and glue it on more paper and start over. but its a process, and its MY process, and by golly, in the end it always comes out quite nicely! it just takes longer then it probably should.

anyways. that's all.

now go over here and read what my sister has to say about buying boots for viking calves. it's hilarious. she's always been so clever with words!

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