Holy Moly, it's been so long since I posted. Well, for me, anyways ;)
We've been in Arizona trying to find a place to live, and we finally found one!
 Close to Toms work, all appliances included, community pool, cheap rent. Goody goody gummie bears. The first day here I got mastitis. Boo.
I felt horrible, but luckily my doc was able to call a prescription in out here for me.
 So I spent a couple of days so achy I didn't want to move, plus lots of other fun symptoms that I thoroughly enjoyed. NOT.
Anyhowzers, just wanted to say howdy, and ALSO, announce my new website! Here tis: www.melissamaeart.com

and I'm officially addicted to pinterest.

I am working on a new drawing that I am excited to share. Will post soon!
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