In the past year I've really had a chance to realize what it means to be grateful. I've been forced into it, actually.
The economy sucks, and our little family has definitely been some of the "lucky" ones that have been deeply affected by it.

When you don't have a place to call your own, money to go on a date, and are barely scraping by, it really forces you to think about what truly makes us happy.
And for me, it's a family. A healthy, happy family, where there is lots of snuggling, laughs and unexplainable love.
It's a roof over our heads, even if it's not our own.
It's family and friends that are not only willing but sincerely eager to fill in the gaps that we can't fill ourselves.
It's my amazing, incredible, indescribably wonderful husband who treats me and our daughter with so much love and respect and adoration. I am such a lucky girl. 
It's the baby growing in my belly, kicking and nudging and rolling around, reminding me on a daily basis the miracle of life and what my body is capable of.
It's food in our stomachs, and countless choices of food to boot, and fresh, clean water.
It's my art, the outlet that literally takes me into another world where I lose track of time and reality.
It's my childhood memories of a loving, fun and abusive free environment.
It's the song my daughter sings me awake to every single morning,"I love my mommy, she is so pretty" etc. and all of the funny things she says that keep me laughing.
It's faith in God, and the belief that He is watching out for us and truly loves us.
It's music that is relaxing, uplifiting, heart pumping, whatever I need to fit my mood at the time.

I truly have ALL I NEED. I don't have all the things I want, but that doesn't matter. We will always WANT something more. But if we have the things we need, the things that truly make us happy, that's all that matters.

So think of all the things that you already HAVE, things that other people would die for, and be grateful. Be happy with your life NOW.
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