Heather asked a good question about my combined eating post, so I thought I'd answer it here:

Q: hey I just was curious, how long after you have something protein based (I know you dont eat animal products but things like beans etc) do you allow yourself to eat corbohydrate food? I've heard of Combined eating before and from my understanding it breaks down into the 3 categories 1 protein foods, 2 produce and fats, and 3 crabs and I know that you can usually eat group 2 with either group 1 or 3 but 3 and 1 can't be combined. I just dont know how long you usually should wait after eating say group 1 before eating group 3

A: Plant and animal proteins are separate, so you can eat plan proteins with carbs. i.e beans, nut, seeds, etc.
Here are the basic rules of waiting times:

Fruit: you can eat fruit 3 hours AFTER any other food, and 20-30 mintues BEFORE any other food.
Animal Proteins/Carbs: Wait at least two hours between eating one or the other.

Hope that answers your question!
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