i need sleep, but....

Up with a headache and a hankerin for something to eat, although nothing ever sounds good.
Silly pregnancy side effects!

So I decided to design a new header and I'm quite pleased with it.
New photography blog, although I still have a ton of stuff to upload.

Mae and I decided to get crazy today. Isn't she rockin?

I bought these eyleashes about a year ago and have been wanting to do something fun with them.

I took these pictures about 6 months ago. The lighting sucked.

I plan to put them on someone else, do their makeup and take some freakin AWESOME pictures.

Speaking of the word "freakin", Mae has been saying it lately, and I swing between feeling the need to scold her, and then realizing I say it all of the time and it's really cute when she says it, as much as I hate to admit it. She says,"Ugh! These fweakin socks are all twisty!" and stuff like that.

I made homemade borscht tonight. It was "fweakin" delicious. 

I'm eating toast now, and once this last piece is in the depths of my belly, I shall attempt sleep again.

Goodnight, world wide web.
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