I am constantly dreaming about the house I will one day own and be able to call "home".  Ah, to have a home. 
I don't want a big house. I want something small to medium sized, something with a HISTORY, maybe haunted? Something with charm. A fixer upper.
One thing I missed while I was in Arizona was the charm of Utah.
I'm sure there is charm to be found in Arizona. I didn't go out venturing much except between my bubble in Peoria and to see our friends/family in Mesa and Scottsdale. Mostly I just saw a LOOOT of stucco. EVERY. WHERE.

^FAVORITE (from the movie "Practical Magic")^

^(from the movie "You, Me, and Dupree")^

I also think a replica of the Haunted Mansion would be pretty stellar, although I would definitely require a maid of some kind. Maybe a GHOST maid! How fabulous!

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