here i is

I haven't really posted in a long time, and well, it's because I don't really feel like it.

Since getting pregnant I've transformed into a BEAST.
When I was pregnant with Mae I was just really wheepy and emotional, and this time around I'm just angry at everything and everyone all of the time.
Heaven forbid you sneeze around me or something and I cut your head off.

I hope this is no indication of what my next childs personality will be like!

I am however, grateful for a husband that loves me unconditionally, still pays me compliments on a daily basis, and has never once fired back and me, even though I absolutely deserve a swift kick in the pants with my behavior as of late.

This pregnancy has been pretty easy so far. No morning sickness, just super tired ALL of the time, hearburn (thank you, Zantac) and the above mentioned bitchiness. It's the only word to describe it.

Well, that is all. Just thought I'd check in and update whoever may still be reading this.

the beast
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