baby names

i wasn't going to share my name choices for the baby on here because i am afraid someone will steal them! but after thinking about it, i thought, there are very few people i know that will want to steal these names from me because....well, they're kind of weird.

my guess is that we're going to have a boy.
my NUMBA 1 choice for a boy is:
"Enders Game" is my favorite all time book. And I think Ender is a seriously RAD name. The kid is a badass, to put it frankly. Read the book and you'll see.

tom likes the name, but its not his favorite. *sniffle* i might have to cry and scream my way through labor and then Tom will feel so bad he'll give in.
my friend posted this on facebook and i about pooped my pants! how cool would those be in a little boys room?

AND, if we named him Ender, we could FRAME the "E is for Ewoks" because Ender starts with "E" and Ewoks are my favorite Star Wars characters! oh my! my heart is aflutter with the very idea!
 its too much! its too much awesomeness for me to handle!

Okay, so onto our other boy names:

our girl choices:

that's it. we just need to figure out a fitting middle name. OH! We also like the name "Disney"
I know...I KNOW what you're thinking. just get over it. it IS a name, ya know. the name of one of the most creative geniuses to walk this earth.

okay, that's all!
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