girls just wanna have fuh-un!

last week aubs organized a girls mini VACAY, and it was super fun!

first we hit up Goodwill. if you want to truly test your friendship/sisterhood, take someone to a thrift store. if you have a gas, you know they are a keeper.
 rad ankle boots
 this was so totally in style when i was in high school. i'm pretty sure my junior homecoming dress looked almost exactly like this.
 this is actually in style NOW
 lets pray this is NEVER in style again
 fun in the sun!
 seashell collecting pockets!

 "Career Woman" from the JCPenney Catalog, circa 1992

why aubrey, is that a navajo original?

the beautiful detail

 the pure excitement
 she didn't want me to take her picture
 my turn!

the hotel. chic, no?

 Willie gives Aubs the willies.

 lunch and good times at Buca de Beppo

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