combined eating-explained

I promised I would go into more detail about this combined eating thing. It's been awesome, since I can't workout, so it's keeping my weight at a healthy number.

I'm still struggling with GERD and will have an upper endoscopy in a couple of weeks to assess the damage done to my esophagus. I'm really nervous, because damage there can also mean damage to my vocal chords. I read that if you have to have surgery to repair it, it can alter your vocals. And well, you guys know I love to sing. So I'm all sorts of nervous right now.

I also can't workout because my chest and throat always hurt due to the acid thats just chilling there and the damage thats already been done, so breathing hard makes it worse. It's frustrating because I need to workout. It's a huge mood lifter for me and I miss it. And from a vanity point of view, I'm getting all soft :P
OH well. I just went off on a tangent, please forgive.

SO, this combined eating thing is not just for those who suffer from stomach and intestinal issues. Although the program I came across focuses on that benefit, it has tons of other benefits, like losing weight, flat stomach (did you know the average american has 3-5 lbs of rotting food in their intestines? sick dude). Here is a great article to describe it.

And to get the program I use along with the recipe book (which has amazing food, by the way!) click on the banner to the left.
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